SPA Etiquette


Luxurious robes, slippers, towels and personal lockers are provided for your use during your visit. We recommend wearing something comfortable to leave in. Valuable items should be left at home or in the Hotel safe as we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.


We require a 3 hours cancellation notice before the start of your first treatment. If notification is not received within this time, 50% of the cost of the treatment will be charged on your room.


Please don’t be late to a treatment. In fact, in order to give yourself some time to get into your robe, spa etiquette dictates that you should arrive at your appointment at least 15 minutes early. In addition, our spa offers saunas and steam baths, so you will likely be able to use them if you are early for your appointment.


Please inform us of any medical conditions or special needs prior to your treatment. If you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, avoid any heat treatments. Skin care procedures and waxing services have specific contraindications related to pregnancy and prescription drugs.


Please speak softly throughout the spa, as it is a relaxation experience for the others as well as for you.


If you wish to leave gratuities as the result of an exceptional experience, these will be accepted with appreciation. Gratuities are left up to the discretion of the guest and are not included in our prices, but often range from 10% to 20% of the bill.


We understand your desire to keep in touch. However, considering the convenience of our guests, cell phone use is not permitted beyond our SPA reception area.


Big pool can be used by all guests, including children over 7 years.
Medium (family) pool can be used by adults and children of all ages, children under 3 years must wear swim gear.
Small (children’s) pool can be used by children of all ages, children under 3 years must wear swim gear.
Swim gear can be obtained at Spa & Wellness reception desk free of charge.


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