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The best choice if you want to completely relax your body and soul in unique Splendid SPA environment.
50 min. / 73 €


25 min. / 41 €


A very relaxing body massage with warm oils and an essential oil fragrance of your choice.
50 min. / 62 €


This is a technique of deep muscle manipulation and manipulation of soft tissue. The treatment is a synthesis of traditional Eastern techniques and conventional European massage techniques. Emphasis is given to the treatment of deep structures of the back and limbs with a track of energy flows of the body. Treatment is primarily aimed for customers with an obvious spasm of muscles as well as different etiology of myalgia. Improvement of peripheral circulation and lymph flow are also benefits of this treatment.
50 min. / 83 €


This is a treatment for fast full body relaxation. Treatment is combination of massage, mobilization of all joints of feet and toes and treatment of shiatsu points on the foot with bamboo stick. Recommended for all clients because is has no contraindications.
25 min. / 41 €


This is a traditional hands-on therapy from Japan. Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers and palm of one's hand to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting the imbalances of the body and for maintaining health.
75 min. / 104 €


Advanced version of Pantai Luar Treatment, in this treatment herbal balls are heated with water steam. With many beneficial effects, with this treatment is achieved and long-term skin hydration. There is an option of the face and body treatment.
Balls for body treatment: herbal, moor mud, salt, algae, wine grapes, beer, wheat barn.
Balls for facial treatment: rose, lavender, beer, Alps herbs, India herbs, wheat barn.
Body treatment 50 min. / 83 €
Facial treatment 45 min. / 52 €


The achievement of physical and mental well-being. Reduces tension, stimulates the senses, reactivates the circulation, reshapes the silhouette and smoothes the skin. Because of its draining, relaxing and calming effects it’s indicated both for women (particularly in presence of cellulite) and men (ideal for sportsmen). In China bamboo is the symbol of eternal youth due to its richness in nourishing and normalizing active ingredients. This is a source of energy and life and gives elasticity, tone and a silky, even and radiant look to the skin.
50 min. / 73 €


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